It may sound strange to suggest that the key to providing exceptional customer service has nothing directly to do with the customer, but let me explain why teamwork is so important. Simply put if you and your colleagues don’t work as a team, it will be impossible to provide exceptional customer service.

I’ve been working in various customer service roles since 1997, and like many of us, have also experienced good, bad, and sometimes shocking customer service! You probably can think back to many of your experiences.

You may be reading this blog because you either want to improve your team’s customer service or perhaps your own? Please can I assure you that the skills I have learnt will definitely improve the customer service that you and your team offer! You have come to the right place!

So let’s start with how teamwork can help your team. This is where Gordon the Goose comes in! You may be wondering how a goose can help with team work but please bare with me and I’ll explain everything! I will of course need some help from Gordon and his fellow geese!

So let me start from the beginning (always a good place to start!) I once worked on a team of 40 analysts providing technical support to a large law firm. As I have experience in public speaking I was asked to present to the team what they needed to work on. At this stage the team were receiving a lot of complaints from the company about poor customer service. So I proposed starting with how we could work better as a team, the management agreed. So I had the theme of my presentation – Teamwork!

I did some research and came across multiple occurrences about geese and teamwork. I was constantly reading about four things that geese can teach us to improve teamwork and ultimately improve customer service offered. Ill now share my research with you in my next post……..